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Foreigners will read about Russian military in English

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Authors of FLOT.com launched a new military media for English speakers. Mil.Today posts news about Russian army, navy and air force without propaganda and bold statements.

"Today, armed forces are becoming one of Russia’s basic arguments at the international scene. Our mission is to tell foreign readers about the past, the present and the future of the Russian army in plain words", explained CEO of Mil.Today Anton Sotniychuk.
In contrast to English versions of Russian media, Mil.Today is free of propaganda, and its readers have a chance to see impartial journalistic investigations. We post on Mil.Today not specially prepared texts, but translated materials from FLOT.com, FlotProm.ru, Voyennoe.RF.

The Mil.Today website incorporates the most advanced news-processing technologies.

Mil.Today is the leading English-language project of Mil.Press media group which also includes the Voyennoe.RF information agency having own journalistic network; the Russia-leading online resource about naval industry FlotProm.ru, the Central Navy Portal FLOT.com and dozens of theme-based websites. Monthly audience of these online outlets exceeds 600,000 unique visitors. Mil.Press have been publishing military-oriented online media outlets since 1998.

Интересуетесь не только ВМФ? Читайте военные новости всех видов вооруженных сил на сайте информационного агентства Военное.РФ.
Военная ипотека - вся правда о жилье для военнослужащих на сайте Mil.Estate.