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Индия и "Нерпа"

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Индия и "Нерпа"
Друзья! Не далее как сегодня пришел комментарий на статью о предстоящем лизинге "Нерпы". Вот он: (если необходим перевод - сделаю. Но "downgrading" ни с чем не спутать)) Many times have I stood and wonder why India is so keen in purchasing major naval hardware of the kinds of aircraft careers, SSNs or naval fighters planes? Surely, its interest of becoming a force to be reckoned with in the area might be the only reason. But isn’t that dangerous? It’s shocking at what financial lengths India is willing to go to purchase top-class know-how… Anyways, I am sure that the Russian Navy will undoubtedly lease Nerpa with the obvious and necessary downgrading. Если будут какие-нибудь аргументы против - милости прошу! Спасибо.
"...я за то, чтоб в синем море не тонули корабли..."
It appears that India feels that it has a duty to itself to remain a major power in the Indian Ocean. As China's economic situation is greatly improving, so is its military stance in the region. It is imperative for India to, at least, stay on par with China. As the Russian military industrial complex is in need of funds and solid profits, Russia is willing to sell advanced arms systems to both countries.
"Если вы не отзоветесь, мы напишем в Спортлото" - В. Высоцкий
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